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Product Review -- The Scubapro HUD

I have run a number of modern dive computers, from the Subgear and Uwatec Aladdin to the Galileo Sol. I've used them in a number of environments from Alaskan and Hawaiian salt water to ice dives in Fairbanks, Alaska, but I have never had a computer that is easier to use and interpret than the Scubapro HUD.

This computer takes its cue from a fighter pilot's helmet, and like said helmet, provides real-time data out in from of your eye for quick and easy consideration while you are doing other things with your hands. Color makes the information even easier to find and interpret and its small foot print leaves you with nearly complete field of view.

I like the fact that the HUD can be spun up out of your field of view should it be desired, then quickly lowered back to give you your information on demand; such as your remaining air and compass. It can use Bluetooth to download your dive data to your phone (a feature I love) and recharges easily with its own USB cord. The push wheel allows me to toggle through a very intuitive menu to find what I need, set parameters and pair with multiple 1st stage transmitters. My favorite feature is the near-eye lens technology, which allows someone that can't read without bifocals to clearly read data without the use of reader lenses.

I simply cannot say it enough; this computer has changed my life in the underwater world. There are mounts available for 2 of the Scubapro mask models, a universal mask mount for framed masks (which comes with the HUD), and you can even buy mounts for your OTS Guardian Full-face Mask. Easy and convenient enough to use while recreational diving and robust enough for use by Public Safety Divers. You really need to visit your local dive shop and try one of these. If you do, it will be the last computer you will ever buy.....and you WILL buy one!! They are simply that good.

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